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We Provide design-build service

The Design / Build method offers faster speed of delivery, as the design process is often concurrent with some phases of construction, making the delivery much faster than the Design/Bid/Build method. In addition, the owner can look to a single source of accountability and more streamlined communication throughout. In most instances, ISKAN hires and manages the architect, assuming responsibility for the design contract and providing one sole source of responsibility to the owner.

Our stages for Design-Build described as follows :

Our Stages:

strategic brief

We identify our client's strategic brief, business plan, And other core requrements. In this stage, The project will be defined before a detailed brief is created.

Project Brief

In this stage, we develop project objectives. Including quality, outcomes, budget, sustainability aspirations…etc. and determine the suitability of feasibility study.

Schematic Design

In this stage, we prepare the conceptual design, design layout, structure and buildning services proposals, prepare project strategies (execution plan, construction strategy, handover, maintenance,...)

Developed Design

In this stage, we develop the design, update structural, and building services proposals. Outline specifications, cost information and project strategies.


We prepare technical design and details in accordance with design responsibility matrix and project strategies to include all architectural, structural and building services information.


In accordance with construction programme, the building is constructed in this stage. Including offsite manufacturing.


In this stage, our proiority to deliver the project successfully to the client in line with project programme.